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Highlights of North & South
7 Nov – 24 Nov 2020

Discover Rajasthan, bursting with colour, culture and traditions. Ride rickshaws, explore ancient forts and stay in luxury palaces. Then south to Kerala and the Dutch port city, Cochin, taste tea in the highlands, cruise the scenic backwaters and coastal sunsets.

Foothills of Himalayas
14 Nov – 24 Nov 2020

Visit snow-capped mountain scenery and the Tibetan hillside home of the Dalai Lama, Dharamshala. See traditional ceremonies at the Golden Temple of Amritsar and ride the famous toy train in the hill station of Shimla.

Holi Royal Rajasthan
5 Mar – 17 Mar 2020

Experience the splendour of Rajasthan’s royal heritage. Stay in some of India’s most famous luxury palace hotels. Immerse yourself in rural towns and villages. Explore ancient forts and enjoy rickshaw rides.

Sri Lanka Unearthed
20 Aug – 2 Sept 2020

Experience Sri Lanka’s stunning landscapes, tea plantations, pristine beaches, mouth-watering cuisine and captivating cultural heritage as we explore this tropical paradise. Eat at the famous ‘Ministry of Crab’ and release conservation turtles into the ocean.

Wellness Retreat
21 Mar – 30 Mar 2020

Immerse yourself in tranquility and relaxation on this path to wellness in one of southern India’s most luxurious beach resorts. Feel inner harmony with Ayurvedic treatments and daily meditation and explore the tranquil backwaters by houseboat.

Wild India
23 Mar – 4 Apr 2020

Spot tiger in Tadoba Conservation Reserve and visit Jawai Conservation Reserve, which is India’s best natural habitat for the leopard and also home to the ‘Rabari’ shepherds, all on this wildlife trail of discovery.


Be Inspired

TIKKA TOURS offers pre and post tour extensions to many exciting and exotic locations – including Delhi, Diwali Festival, Holi Festival of Colour and Varanasi on the sacred Ganges River –when you explore Incredible India! These gems add to your treasure trove of memory making experiences. 


Rest like a Maharaja

Tikka Tours are a luxurious experience of comfort and style. Our hotels, such as the ‘Best Exotic Marigold hotel’, offer an experience not just a bed for you to sleep in. Treat yourself like a Maharaja, as we stay in boutique hotels, luxury palaces, rural heritage properties and tented wildlife camps.


Explore Wonder

TIKKA Specialist Private Tours offer an independent travel tour option which includes your own private car and driver, daily breakfast, transfers, sightseeing and local city guides to an array or exotic destinations, food and wine trails and cultural regional arts and crafts. All your accommodation based on your budget ( 3.5 – 5 star range ). Minimum 2 people.


Traditional Cuisine

The world of Indian food is vibrant and intensely colourful. Spices are the cornerstone of Indian cooking and are widely cultivated according to region. Cardamom, cloves and peppers are harvested mainly in the south, while chillies and turmeric come mainly from Rajasthan, Kashmir and Gujarat. An exotic taste sensation can be found on every plate.


Reserve Your Adventure

Your Tikka Tour awaits. Let us know which tour you are interested in, tour dates and tour extensions if you would like to join us. We look forward to beginning your Tikka Tour adventure. Luxury your way!