Regional flavours

Each region of India has its own style of traditional cooking and distinct flavours. The North is known for its tandoori and korma dishes; the South is famous for hot and spicy foods; the East specialises in chilli curries; and the West uses coconut and seafood; whereas the Central part of India is a blend of all. Vegetarian dishes are widespread across the continent.

Colonial influence

The period of British colonial rule left its mark on the food of India and the blending of eastern spices into western food that began at that time has endured to this day. Curry was a term originally used by the Raj to refer to any sauce dish of spicy meat, fish or vegetables and is probably an adaption of the Tamil word ‘kari’ meaning ‘sauce’.


Fresh and Organic

Indian food is heavily influenced by the variety of climates, cultural choices and local seasonably available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. All of these factors contribute to creating a colourful culinary tapestry.

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