Welcome to TIKKA TOURS.


At TIKKA TOURS our philosophy is to make your trip to India or Sri Lanka the best it can be. Whether you are looking at an escorted tour or a handcrafted tailor made adventure we have the experience and travel specialists to help you. We know you will fall in love with these destinations and uncover unexpected moments that you will carry with you forever.

TIKKA TOURS offers a unique and diverse range of special interest travel experiences. There is so much diversity in India on offer. Venture from the foothills of the Himalayas to the deserts of Rajasthan, explore the backwaters of Kerala and all the fantastic vibrant cities in-between. Go wildlife spotting on safari, experience a luxury tented camp or treat yourself to a wellness retreat. Immerse yourself in a vibrant, dynamic festival or indulge and relax on the tropical shores of Sri Lanka. There is so much to see on your escorted group tour, catered special interest or customised private tour just for you….Luxury your way!

A true travel experience to India and Sri Lanka is a mixture of many elements. We visit iconic and historical sites, witness centuries old traditions and culture and stay in boutique, Palace and heritage hotels. Explore and shop in the fascinating back streets and bazaars from small rural villages, to bustling local markets and modern malls of the big cities. Have stunning India at your fingertips with a henna session, eat mouth-watering local cuisine and pamper yourself in some of Asia’s best Spa’s and Ayurveda treatments… the list goes on.

Our small group size of 8 to 16 travellers, allows for a more authentic style of travel and intimate local experience. Comfort and style are the signature of all our tours. While TIKKA TOUR travellers are a diverse group, it’s easy to find the common thread: a love of exploring, a passion for discovery and a sense of adventure. They are adventurous spirits who welcome their India experience with energy and enthusiasm. Among them you’ll find fellow travellers who comfortably match your pace and outlook, as well as those who liven up the mix with a unique perspective. This ‘soup of life’ is complimented with your inspirational local guides.

For me, Claudia founder of TIKKA TOURS, the heart of India is the genuine generosity of spirit that all Indians are filled with, and this continues to surprise me and captures my soul. The combination of culture, the sense of community and devotion to each other and the multitude of colourful and historical religious idols makes this destination in my opinion, one of the ‘richest’ experiences you can encounter anywhere on earth.

Local knowledge and personalised service are the pillars of TIKKA TOURS. We create our tours to give unique in-depth insight into what makes ‘Incredible India’ and Sri Lanka ‘the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.’ If you are ready to be inspired by adventure, engage with the people and see the place I call my real home, please join me on a TIKKA TOUR.


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